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IT Audits

Work Desk

Our team will visit your office or facility, evaluate your current subscriptions, devices, and internet & telephone services to compile a full IT Audit.  This report will include a complete overview of your company's IT footprint.  An IT Audit is useful for not only understanding IT costs associated with your business, but it can also assist your accounting team during tax season and ensure your company is in compliance!

Once our team completes your report, we will meet with you on-site to discuss the findings and determine if you are currently overpaying for subscriptions, equipment or internet/telephone services.  We will present our professional opinion on your current setup and compare it to your current and future needs.  Most of the time, adjusting your current subscriptions and services can reduce your monthly expenses.


Items included on this report:

  • Hardware / Device Inventory List

  • Software License/Subscription Report

  • Current Internet/Telephone Service Report

  • Network Topology Map

  • Cost Analysis

  • Security Vulnerability Assessment

IT Management / Virus Protection

Typing on a Computer

Our team can remotely manage, monitor, and support all of your devices without the need for on-site visits!  All of our IT management solutions come with Cloud Antivirus software and monitoring which means the moment a threat is detected on your network, our team is notified immediately.  With a click of a button, a user can request support and our team can connect remotely to diagnose and assist your them.  We also monitor vital statistics of your devices at all times and are alerted before things take a turn for the worst. 

Call today to learn more about how our IT Management services can benefit you!

Custom Software Design

Image by Markus Spiske

Looking for a solution to streamline and manage your business operations?  Our team can design a custom suite of software catered to your specific needs.  Whether it's real-time purchase order management, inventory tracking, or the need to streamline your current work processes, we can help!  Our secure cloud-based solutions allow you to monitor your business 24/7 anywhere around the world on any device.

IT Solutions / Repair / Upgrades

Building a Computer

Looking to increase WiFi capacity, internet speeds or add cloud services?  Our team can assist you with implementing the right solution so you can focus more on your business.  As your business grows, so will your IT needs, and we will be here to help every step of the way.

We can help with:

  • WiFi / Network Design & Installation

  • IP / Cloud Telephone Solutions

  • Cloud Antivirus Monitoring

  • Cloud Backup Solutions

  • Software Subscriptions

  • Workstation Purchases

  • Printers / Scanners

  • Shared File Servers

  • VPN Remote Access

Web Design / Hosting


Let our team design, develop and maintain your online web presence!  Whether you have an online store, sell tickets to events, or just need a website to keep your customers informed, we can help.  We will meet with your team to discuss your needs and create a custom scope of work that is beneficial to your business.  Gone are the days of picking between multiple packages and subscription models that are confusing and let's face it, don't actually give you everything it says it does. Our goal is to provide you with what you need at a fair price and with 100% satisfaction!

We can also help with:

  • ​Domain purchases / Configuration

  • Email Hosting

  • Web Hosting

  • Cloud Storage

  • Website Re-design / Transfers

  • Current Cost Evaluation

Point of Sale (POS) Support / Install


Our team has extensive experience with Point of Sale (POS) systems in the Hospitality/Restaurant industry.  Whether you are in search of a replacement system, upgrade, or having problems with your current setup, our team can perform an evaluation of your system and/or needs.  We also offer programming services for your current or new system.

Now that cloud based POS systems are flooding the market, we find that the common problem that restaurants/bars have is the lack of on-site support & programming from the developers and suppliers of these systems.  The subscriptions prices for cloud based POS systems is astronomical and the hardware packages they try sell you are even more expensive, but beating the system and knowing how to negotiate rates with these companies is the only way to get value out of your expense.  Call us before overpaying for your next system!

Contact Us for an evaluation of your current system!

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