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Computer Support / Repair


We can help diagnose and resolve any issue you might be having with your computer, tablet, or mobile device.

  • Device Setup / Cleaning

  • Data Transfer

  • Data Backup

  • Hardware Replacement / Upgrades

Virus Removal / Tune-Up

Code on Laptop Computer

If you notice that your device is running slow, numerous advertisements appear, or pop-up windows cover your screen, it is possible that your device has been infected with a virus, malware, or other infections.  Have no fear though, we can fix this for you and get you back up and running in no time!

WiFi Design / Setup / Install

Globalization concept

So you just got that fancy WiFi router device that came from your internet provider, but when you try to connect from your garage, shop, or a room on the other side of the house it either doesn't connect or is extremely slow?  We can fix that!


Smart Device Setup / Install


Having trouble installing that doorbell camera, thermostat or smart watch?  Or maybe you have a new WiFi device or password and your devices are no longer connected?  We can help! 

New Device Consultation

Computer Screens

In need of a new computer or device and aren't quite sure what to get?  It can be overwhelming with the 100's of choices to choose from.  Let us help you find the right device for you!

Custom Builds / Workshops

Image by Andy Holmes

We can assist you with your custom computer build project.  On top of that, we can teach you how to build it yourself! 

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